How To Order Photographs

First, thanks for your interest in placing an order. The event and upland lifestyle imagery you see here is carefully selected from photographs made in the field, and no small amount of work and expense goes into the capture and handling of those works. We're always pleased to know that they'll be enjoyed by those that purchase them.

You may order prints from these images directly online, and they will typically be enroute to you within 48 hours. In order to start the process, you just need to navigate to the event gallery gallery in question, and explore the thumbnail images you see there. In order to work with the online ordering system, your web browsing software must support Flash and Cookies (as virtually every computer will). For those used to ordering online, the process is familiar, but below are a few examples of the screens you'll see as you go about making a purchase.

Step 1: While looking at the image in which you're interested, you'll see a button below and to the right, labeled 'Add/View Cart', which allows you to select the image for your order. Step 1
Step 2: With the 'Add to Cart' window popped up, you can choose the size of the print you want. You will see the displayed price change as you select different sizes. You can also indicate the quantity you want. Once you have chosen the size and quantity, click the 'Add to Cart' button. Step 2
Step 3: The next screen will show you what's in your shopping cart, and gives you a chance to edit what's there, or to go back to the album to keep looking, or to proceed on to checkout. Let's proceed to checkout, by clicking the 'Checkout' button. Step 3
Step 4: The next screen will collect your delivery address information, so that we know where to send the order. Once you've completed that information, you can go back to looking at what's in your cart, or proceed on to making a payment. Step 4
Step 5 Step 5: We process online transactions through the popular PayPal system. You do not need a PayPal account, and can present any major credit card or even an online check. It is completely safe and secure to do so. When on this screen, you can choose to sign into your PayPal account if you have one, or use the left-hand 'Continue' link, under 'I don't have a PayPal account.' The rest takes only moments, and once you've entered your payment, we'll be notified, and get your order on the way. Your credit card statement will show the transaction as "PayPal - Laur Creative", which reflects the parent account we use for these sales.

Questions about the process, or about the security and privacy of your order? Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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